About us

About ASaB

ASaB originates from the idea of “As a bag”

ASaB’s founder, Casey Wang, is a professional architect who is driven with passion. In recent years, she developed an interest in fashion and textiles and wanted to link both architecture and fashion together, creating a new style that is unique, simple and chic. She always struggled to find styles that suited her and believed many people did as well. Through this brand, she would like to express her identity and inspire people with her love and dedication for architecture and fashion.

Starting in 2012, and after years of exploration for the best fabric and factories, we now finally, proudly launch ASaB.  Wang is an animal rights activist, therefore she refuses to use or sell animal fur or leather. The company uses eco- friendly synthetic materials and thrives for a balance between durability, comfort and style for your everyday use.

Our bags carries and contains anything and everything for everyday life, we believe they should be simple, chic, and timeless. A bag should be true, honest and functional, nothing more, but a bag. Our unique designs with a touch of architectural features make it spectacular and you can find them nowhere else but here. We hope you will enjoy taking ASaB with you for whatever lies in the journey ahead.  huhgufthbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb